Client: Ego Restaurants

Work: Website

The brief
Ego operates a chain of eight fashionable restaurants across the North West. The brief was to write new website content based upon their concept of “loveliness”.

The copywriting…

Loveliness is all about…. well…. being lovely. From the moment you step inside any of our restaurants you’ll feel like you’ve entered an oasis a thousand miles away from the stresses of daily life. You’ll see what we mean by loveliness everywhere you look. It’s in the decor, it’s in our people, and most importantly it’s in our food….

….. Ego restaurants are about great food, a relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful dining experience – perfect for everything from a quick lunch to a four course dinner.

All our dishes are cooked fresh using only the finest ingredients. Wherever possible we’ll buy local, organic produce, and our menus always make the most of whatever’s in season. It means our steaks are a little juicier, our salads a little crisper and our desserts just a little sweeter.


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