Client: Carling

Work: Emailer/E-shot

The brief
Owned by Molson Coors, Carling are brewers of “Britain’s number one lager”. The brief was to write copy for a viral email campaign encouraging people to take action on pubs that don’t sell Carling.

The copywriting…

It’s not a Great British pub without the Great British pint

We believe that every man and woman in this great country should have the right to drink a pint of Britain’s favourite lager in their local pub. Wherever you live, wherever you drink, it’s only fair that after a hard week at work you should be able to chill out with a cold pint of Carling. But it’s a sad fact that many people are currently denied this basic right.

It’s time to take action!

Nominate your local

If you know a pub that doesn’t serve Carling you’ve now got a chance to do something about it. Go to, print out an official Carling Nomination Certificate and present it to the guilty landlord. And if they bow to good sense and become a Carling customer, you and your mates will win a party in your honour on Carling launch-night.

Upload a photo of yourself presenting the landlord with a Nomination Certificate and we’ll reward you with 4 cans of Carling!


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