Client: blackswan

Work: Website

The brief
blackswan is a business consultancy that specialises in helping global corporations deliver business transformation projects. The brief was to create new website content that clearly communicated their unique proposition, and in a tone-of-voice that was distinctly “blackswan”.

The copywriting…


It’s not just about achieving competitive advantage.
It’s about keeping it.

blackswan works alongside many of the world’s leading businesses, creating inspired solutions that help them meet the challenges of today’s turbulent markets.

Our success is built upon a very simple approach, one that focuses on people, process and
innovation. Or in the case of our clients – more effective people, smarter processes and the intelligent application of innovation. It’s a very powerful combination.

Who we are

A new kind of consultancy for a new age.

blackswan is a global consulting company that brings together the talent and resources to take on the challenges of the new age. Work with blackswan and you’ll have access to the combined expertise of over 200 people-specialists, 140 innovation experts and 100 process blackbelts.

Our experience and expertise across diverse industries in all major geographic regions allows us to align the right resources to match the needs of your organisation. And deliver the results you demand.


Transforming plans into actions. Vision into reality.

blackswan’s People, Process and Innovation solutions enable businesses to create sustainable competitive advantage by out-innovating the competition.

By applying a variety of techniques to optimise your core competencies, strengthen organisational capability and drive innovation, we can show you how to turn your organisation’s strategic plans into actions, your vision into reality.

Process solutions

Smarter processes mean better results, faster.

blackswan process solutions deliver smarter ways of doing business. Using a variety of proprietary tools and adapting Lean and Six Sigma techniques to a range of commercial settings, we help organisations enhance their operational effectiveness and achieve significant cost-efficiencies.

Innovation solutions

Invention is about creating change.
Innovation is about profiting from it.

Innovation is not simply about finding new ways of doing things. It’s about finding better and smarter ways of doing new things, then maximising the commercial opportunities that result.

blackswan helps organisations achieve intelligently directed innovation by applying a systematic process to clearly identify and exploit new value opportunities.

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