Client: Aviva

Work: Advertorial

The brief
Aviva wanted to drive higher volumes of customers to their motor insurance web pages. The brief was to write a number of quirky, interesting and informative articles for distribution via high volume digital media sites. Precise response figures remain confidential, but the campaign proved a great success. This is one of the online articles.

The copywriting…

Back to the future

In 1899 racing driver Camille Jenatzy set a new world land speed record of 65mph. In an electric car! The battery powered engine was fast, efficient and quiet, the perfect power unit for the emerging automobile industry. Then along came the Model T Ford with its internal combustion engine and for the next hundred years or so, electric engines were sent into exile, put to work powering golf buggies and milk floats. But now the electric car is back, and Monsieur Jenatzy would be very impressed.

The pick of the bunch is the Lightning GT which goes from 0-62mph in 4 seconds and has a top speed of 130mph. Yet it’s not their performance that makes electric cars so special. It’s their colour. They’re green. Drive an electric car down the street and the only CO2 emissions you’ll put into the atmosphere will be coming from your breathing. And as well as saving the planet, with fuel costing just a penny or two per mile, electric cars can save you money too. Lots of it.

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