Client: Aviva

Work: Press release

The brief
Aviva wanted to create some positive PR around the launch of their new online portal for Third Party Fire & Theft customers. The brief was to write an entertaining press release suitable for distribution across a range of online and offline media.

The copywriting…

Aviva launches new online channel for Third Party Fire & Theft car insurance.

Third Party Fire & Theft – not just for old bangers!

Once the preserve of just-passed-their-test teenagers and old-banger drivers, Third Party Fire & Theft insurance now looks set to win over a whole new audience. The recent slump in new car sales means that motorists are holding on to their vehicles for longer. And combined with a sharp decline in used car prices, this has led to a fall in the value of the average motorist’s car. The result is that more people than ever are now in a position where it may be worth considering Third Party Fire & Theft cover.

From 23rd November anyone searching for car insurance will be able to go online at and get a quote for Third Party Fire & Theft cover, and if they buy online they’ll receive a discount of up to 10%. This online service has previously been available only to customers buying Comprehensive cover, but to ensure all customers can benefit from the online discount, the facility has been extended to Third Party cover too.

Steve Genders, Head of Aviva Online said, “It’s clear from listening to our customers that many of them want the value that Third Party Fire and Theft can offer, so this new service is all about giving our customers more choice. It’s about allowing customers to select the type of cover that best suits their circumstances.”

Although Third Party Fire & Theft is probably best described as no-frills car insurance, it’s no longer the one-size-fits-all product it once was. As Steve Genders says, “Aviva customers have the flexibility to add extra cover to their policies if they wish. Bolt-on features such as Protected No Claims Discount, Legal Cover and Breakdown Cover mean our customers can tailor their policies to match their needs.”

Third Party Fire & Theft can undoubtedly be a smart, budget alternative to Comprehensive cover, particularly for people with lower value cars and those who don’t have any drivers under the age of 25 on their policy. But it’s certainly not for everyone. It won’t pay for damage to the policy holder’s car if they have an accident that’s their fault, so it’s probably not a good idea for anyone driving a higher value vehicle. In fact, to avoid leaving customers with too great an exposure, Norwich Union Direct won’t insure cars worth more than Â?5,000 on Third Party Fire & Theft.

Plus it may not be a good idea for anyone who’s bought a car using a loan or finance package, because if they have an “at fault” accident and their vehicle is written off, they could end up forking out monthly repayments for a car they no longer own. So there’s no set formula for deciding precisely who should opt for Third Party and who should go for Comprehensive cover. Drivers should examine all the options available and choose the level of cover that’s right for them.


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